Metal Fabrication and Repair 

We have a full service machine shop.  CTRA is not limited and has a high capacity.  Our engineers are creative, hard-working, and have a passion for the work they do.  

We have access to and can work with several alloys including but not limited to: stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, titanium, and tool steels.  In addition, we work with multiple types of plastics.  And, we are able to meet your needs using Domestic and Non-Domestic materials.    


Some of the items we service regularly, as examples are: rollers, anilox rollers, shafts, gears, bushings, pulleys, couplings, keyways, gearboxes, aluminum heads, knife heads, glue tap heads, folding rails, grinders, wiper blades, complete chamber doctor blades, print cylinders, die cutter cylinders, strippers, guides, tracks, and conveyors.


This list is not comprehensive and we have helped several local companies come up with a myriad of solutions and modifications to their machinery.  

We support other small local business’ and by doing so we are able to offer additional services such as rubber roll recovery, heat treating, chrome plating, balancing, anodizing, and powder coating.  

Machining Capabilities 

We house a great inventory of machinery to meet your needs. In our machine shop we have a 5500 OMAX Waterjet 50” x 100”, a CNC plasma cutter 4’ft x 8’ft, a 22’ft Lathe center that fits up to a 4’ft Swing, a programmable CNC Bed Mill 40” x 60”, a CNC Lathe Center 22” x 60”, multiple conventional and CNC lathes and milling machines, OD grinding machine, a Press Brake, and shearer.  


At CTRA we value the classic art of machining.  And, we also realize that today’s technology brings a whole new faster more efficient way to meet your needs. Our machine inventory reflects the diverse capabilities within both styles.  From the conventional to the programmable, our ultimate goal is to be efficient and give you quality. 

From complex projects that require finesse, design and intricate detail to the very basic, we want to help you keep running efficiently.


CTRA is AWS Welding Certified.  We have an on-site welding center and have the ability to weld a variety of metals using MIG, TIG, ARC, HELIARC, and polypropylene welding.  Our company has employees with a long history of welding in the southland area, many requiring great precision.    

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